Hunting Season Safety

Photo: Chris Olney

“Be Safe, Be Seen” on Your Outdoor Adventures During Fall and Winter Hunting Seasons

A reminder to recreation enthusiasts that many parks, forests, and nature preserves allow hunting and trapping in designated periods

Go Finger Lakes would like to encourage all outdoor lovers to be especially mindful of safety during the fall and winter hunting seasons.  Each location profile on Go Finger Lakes includes a link to the managing organization – whether it be the Finger Lakes Land Trust, a New York State agency, or a nature center – and visitors should consult that agency for hunting information BEFORE EACH OUTING.

Photo: Chris Olney

Wear Blaze Orange

Please see this November 2020 alert from New York State:  DEC Reminds Outdoor Enthusiasts to Share the Woods Safely This Season

We share excerpts here:

DEC encourages all outdoor enthusiasts-hunters and non-hunters alike-to wear blaze orange, blaze pink, or another bright color, especially during fall and winter. Doing so will allow these individuals to be seen more easily and from greater distances.

In addition, wearing bright colors makes it easier for Forest Rangers, Environmental Conservation Police Officers, and other rescue personnel to find lost, sick, or injured people afield.

Pet owners are encouraged to dress their dogs in blaze orange or pink or another bright color vest or scarf. Dogs should also stay leashed at all times.

Trapping seasons for many species are open throughout the fall and early winter. Although a rare occurrence, traps set for furbearers like raccoons and coyotes can also capture dogs that are not under control. Trapping is a highly regulated activity and regulations are strongly enforced.

Trappers are required to take an educational course before getting a license and DEC works closely with the trapping community to encourage trapping techniques that minimize risks to non-target wildlife and other domestic animals.

Keeping dogs on a leash is safer for the dog, for other people, and gives pet owners peace of mind.

Also on the DEC web site:  Hunting Seasons, Trapping Seasons, Hunting Safety.  Learn more about Statewide Hunting Regulations in NY State Parks and the Policy on Possession of an Unloaded Firearm for the Purpose of Accessing Adjacent Lands for Lawful Hunting Purposes.

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