Uncommon Winter Activities, Part 1

Photo: Andy Zepp

Popular Spots for Uncommon Winter Activities in the Finger Lakes, Part 1

Winter is here, hearty Finger Lakers! Shake off that cabin fever and tackle the winter elements with a cold weather adventure. With proper planning and appropriate equipment, getting outside this time of year can lift the spirits and improve physical health. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or just want to try something new, explore these winter activities and celebrated Finger Lakes locations to mix up your winter routine.

Photo: Brian Maley

Winter Camping

If you love a challenge and dislike mosquitos or crowds, winter camping can be an invigorating experience. A surprising number of people delight in cold, crisp nights under starry skies with days spent hiking or cross-country skiing. In the Finger Lakes, there are several options for tent camping or staking claim to one of the region’s celebrated lean-tos. Check out these locations for an immersive winter experience.

Danby State Forest

Finger Lakes National Forest

James Kennedy State Forest

Sugar Hill State Forest

Photo: Hannah George

Animal Tracking

You can find animal tracks and signs in many places throughout the year however, there is something magical about looking for them in the snow. Plenty of creatures are actively searching for food in winter and leave behind clues about their behavior. Locations with diverse habitats including fields, forests, creeks, and ponds will produce interesting finds. Here are some locations that fit the bill.

High Tor Wildlife Management Area

Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve

Tanglewood Nature Center

Wesley Hill Nature Preserve

Photo: Nigel Kent

Winter Hiking with Waterfalls

If hiking through a snow-covered landscape while breathing in cool, refreshing air and marveling at beautiful waterfalls is your idea of fun, the Finger Lakes region is the place to be. While most gorge trails are closed in winter for safety reasons, there are still many locations to discover. Here is a list of places where hikers can enjoy winter waterfall scenery.

Labrador Hollow Unique Area

Letchworth State Park

Keuka Outlet Trail

Taughannock Falls State Park

Popular Spots for Uncommon Winter Activities in the Finger Lakes, Part 2

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