Your Adventure Kit for Early Spring!

Photo: Sarah Nickerson

Your All-Purpose Adventure Kit for Early Spring Weather

Early spring weather is unpredictable. Anything is possible: cold rain, warm sunshine, ferocious wind, and sometimes, lots of mud. Should you hike, bike, visit a nature center, or go for a run? You can use these lists created by the staff at the Finger Lakes Land Trust to choose your next outdoor adventure. And don’t forget to follow best practices when you’re out on the trails!

Photo: Chris Ray

The Best Rail Trails in the Finger Lakes

Repurposed from abandoned rail lines, these mostly flat and broad pathways provide hikers, runners, and cyclists ample opportunities for getting outside and avoiding muddier trails. Traversing both urban and rural landscapes, multiuse rail trails often connect to other protected lands such as state parks. Explore some of the best in the region!

Two people on a hike with a big green hill in the background
Photo: Rick Lightbody

Long Hikes for Warm Spring Days 

Nothing beats a forest filled with birdsong and the sweet scents of new life blooming everywhere. In the Finger Lakes region, there are many options for an extended trek filled with endless trails and gorgeous scenery. Immerse yourself in the ephemeral beauty of spring and hit the trail at one of these locations.

Photo: Tom Reimers

Favorite Hikes on the Finger Lakes Trail

Here in the Finger Lakes region, there are a few hikes along the FLT that really stand out, including hikes that pass through Finger Lakes Land Trust nature preserves, New York state forests, and county parks.  We invite you to explore some of the best.

A moss-covered trail in the woods
Photo: Vinnie Collins

Best Trail Running Spots in the Finger Lakes

Are you ready to take your running from the roads to the trails? Or perhaps you are already a trail runner looking for more of a challenge? Fortunately, the Finger Lakes region offers plenty of workout options for trail runners of all kinds.

Photo: Joel Cisne

Dog-Friendly Hikes in the Finger Lakes Region

Dogs make great hiking companions and can bring tremendous joy to your outdoor adventures, but not all trails are dog-friendly. Fortunately, the Finger Lakes region offers plenty of places to get outside with your canine friends. Here are a few of our favorites, from locations with firm leash policies to places where your furry friends have a bit more freedom.

Photo: Sarah Nickerson

Favorite Finger Lakes Nature Centers

With its glacially carved landscapes, majestic forests, sparkling lakes, and unique flora and fauna, the Finger Lakes region is alive with natural wonder. Interpreting it all are the many nature centers that provide environmental education and recreational opportunities for visitors and residents alike.

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